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"I am now addicted to Craniosacral therapy, thank you Mona you have love in your hands". John P 


Mona is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and skilled at her work. I've been seeing her for massages since September 2012 and she remains the only massage therapist in Clark County that I trust with my specific injuries. She understand the  human body and is very good at explaining where the source of the pain comes from and how to reduce in my daily life.  Nusha N

I highly recommend Mona- whether it be for a relaxing hot stone massage or a corrective, deep tissue massage- she's fantastic!

" Mona is a natural healer.  A session with her is not only a fabulous experience, it is a blessing."

Jann Arrington Wolcott International Author and Lecturer


Mona has been my company's "Health Plan" for some time now for myself and my techs providing relief from the stress of our hectic schedules and demands of our work. She is an island of calm, restfulness, and peace and offers exception intuitiveness as to what areas of work are most needed. I am continually impressed when i have an injury from snowboarding or biking and do not tell her where i hurt and she always without exception can zero in on that area and ask me what is going on because she can feel my pain. I am more of a scientific approach kind of guy, but she definitely has a gift and you will be glad you chose to have a massage from Magnificent Hands Massage.

- Rich Cizmas


I have had dozens of weekly massages from Mona, who just seems knows intuitively, where I need attention and relieve. From headaches, to tweaked nerves, I always feel so much better. She's a very positive, happy person and so energetic. I wish I could rate her at 10 stars!!!

- Cheryl Cox Schmidt


INCREDIBLE !! is the only way to describe Mona and her Magnificent Hands. She is more of a "Holistic Healer" She released my migraine using her cranial therapy. I would highly recommend her! She is like no other massage therapist.

Jennifer Bommarito



Mona knows her stuff! I visited her for a cranial sacral therapy on a referral from friends who knew I had never had a body work and were raving about her.

In addition to the massage, the table is also covered with a "Biomat" which really adds to the experience. I don't understand how it works, I just know it feels good!

Most wellness businesses who have a Biomat, charge for this service without bodywork.

Mona is personable, kind, compassionate and really makes you feel at home. Great environment , all the little touches that help you feel like you're on a vacation!

Highly recommended!!!

- Cody Tyson