Yoga & Meditation Schedule and Pricing


We are a traditional non heated Yoga studio and what we have created is more of a sanctuary than an ordinary yoga studio. 

Our patient Yoga instructors teach to all fitness levels. Perfect for those new to Yoga and the advanced student alike. 

You may reserve your place by clicking the link below and choosing "class" from this link you may also select "service" to book an appointment for one of our many healing services we provide at the Center.


We offer private of Sound meditation (guided chakra tuned singing bowls) in our salt room for small groups.

Our  Salt Room is equipped with the state of the art HaloFX  Halogenerator. This device grounds pharmaceutical grade salt into fine particles. These particles are absorbed into your body through when you breathe through your sinuses and lungs. This aids in clearing sinus congestion caused by allergies and excessive exposure to smoke. Feel the vibration of the singing bowls as your body and soul are engulfed in harmonic Chakra tuned singing bowls. Admission is $35 per person. Please call to schedule. (minimum 4 maximum 6)

Please bring your Yoga mat and water for all classes.

NEW TO THE CENTER? We have a free class for locals for regular classes. Specialty classes not included.

 Please note that we are in the process of adding new classes monthly so check back often.

Yoga Class Dropbox in $18

Monday Scheduled sound bath $15 drop in ( second and fourth Monday at 7:00 pm)

10 classes class pass $150.00* (6 month expiration) $15.00 per class

Unlimited class pass $5

9* (12 month minimum commitment)

Monthly class pass     $69 (30 day expiration)

Out of town guests $75 class pass for 1 week


You will need pillows and blankets in addition to your yoga mat for the meditation classes for added comfort. Free class does not apply to meditation.

*Prices do not include specialty classes. 30 days written notice must be given to cancel automatic membership (after satisfied agreement)

Master Violinist Rebecca Sabine visits monthly for her beautiful "Music to Awaken the Heart" Guided Meditation 

Check back for future dates!



Contact Mona @ 702 524-8876 for more information on our workshops or to reserve your place in advance.

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